The tourist information about Lanzarote we wanted to have before traveling there.

3 Best Hikes in Lanzarote

Lanzarote provides a lot of opportunities for hiking. We chose the best three for you.

1. Caldera de Montaña Blanca Hike

Hiking to Caldera de Montaña Blanca will take you through the lava fields and the volcanic landscape. First, you will visit the smaller crater called Montaña Caldereta. Then you will arrive to magnificent Caldera de Montaña Blanca itself and you will walk around the edge of it.

This hike is approximately 13 km long, but you should leave the whole day for it. Mainly because you will want to stop along the path, and you will be tired afterwards :-)

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Caldera de Montaña Blanca Hike

2. Volcano Monte Corona Hike

After going to Mirador del Río you have a great opportunity to hike to Volcano Monte Corona nearby. The hike is an easy one and the views are spectacular.

Special thing about this hike is that it starts by walking between the wine fields. I know you can see when driving on the whole island, but this time you will be walking right next to them.

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Volcano Monte Corona

3. Montaña Blanca Hike

Yes, another Montaña Blanca. There are two mountains of the same name in Lanzarote. First is the famous one with the crater (the first tip above). Second is this other Montaña Blanca I describe here.

Although it does not have a crater there hiking there is worth it. First, it is an easy hike. And second, after climbing to the top, you can see the whole island from there (see the photo bellow to imagine the views from there).

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Montaña Blanca panorama