The tourist information about Lanzarote we wanted to have before traveling there.

Hike to Volcano Monte Corona

After you visit Mirador del Río, you have a great opportunity to take hike a to nearby Volcán de la Corona.

The reason for visiting is the magnificent view. But not just that. Also, this volcano is responsible for creation of the two other significant point of interest in Lanzarote — Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua. When the volcano exploded approximately 4 000 years ago, the lava from it was also flowing through underground tunnel to the sea and along the way it created both cave complexes.

Monte Corona view

Starting the Hike

The starting point for the hike is the village Yé. You can park there in front of the church (there was enough place to park). And then you turn to the right from the main street between the fields. See the map bellow for the exact path.

Walking up the hill

You will then walk between the fields where the local farmers grow wine. They grow each plant in the separate enclosure from the volcanic stones to conserve the water and protect it from the strong winds. The views of those fields are immersive, and you can encounter them all over the island. After a while you will be passing between not so well cultivated fields and before arriving to the volcano, you will even encounter some palm trees.

Monte Corona - view fields

The Volcano itself

When I arrived at the brink of the volcano I was stunned and was only watching and not taking any photos for a while. The volcano looks different from the others on the island — it felt much deeper for its diameter than the others (which also make it hard to capture in photo). There are also quite a few big boulders down there. They make one wondering if they have been there for the long time or they broke of the edge recently.

Monte Corona Volcano

I’m not sure if it is possible to go around the volcano. The map shows that there should be a path, but we didn’t try it.

Going Back

You can either return back the same way you used to reach the volcano, or you can make the hike circular (see the map bellow). We went the circular way along the map and I must admit that next time I won’t take the circular one. Because the path is much harder, you have to avoid the thorns of opuntias and there is not much too see.


If you plan to do some non-mainstream hike, I recommend this one. It was unexpectedly good and not that hard.

Map of the Hike to Monte Corona

This is the map of the hike. It is from the Mapy​.cz app, you can read more about it in the best Lanzarote offline map apps.

Monte Corona on

You can also check the GPX log of our hike on Wikiloc page.