The tourist information about Lanzarote we wanted to have before traveling there.

Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua can be found in the North of Lanzarote, it is a series of collapsed and semi-submerged volcanic tubes which were then converted into a tourist attraction in the 1960s and 1970s by César Manrique. Jameos del Agua covers 6km long volcanic tube and it was formed during the eruptions of Volcano Monte Corona four thousand years ago along with an other cave complex Cueva de los Verdes. The eruptions that lead to the formation of Jameos del Agua coincided with the last Ice Age which was when the sea level was much lower, and the shoreline was 1.5km away.

Jameos del Agua

Overview of Jameos del Agua

César Manrique envisioned and transformed this debris of volcanic tube filled with lava flowing from Volcan de la Corona on the northern part of the island into a magnificent place in the world. He brought everything to life with his mind and life and gave shape to the rough black basalt which is now a perfect place to go if you want to enjoy peace, quiet, harmony and be amazed by its beauty.

Manrique gave this island white, blue, black, and green color. The colors easily get mixed up along the path of magnificent and enchanting beauty which is going to leave you daydreaming. Every corner of this attraction from its fresh entrance that features large green ferns where you can hear small birds sing to the auditorium, they are all one-of-its-kind because of its geological and acoustic features. All the detail in Jameos del Agua is a constant suggestion that you can reflect on and also look inwards and be daydreaming.

Jameos del Agua

Endangered Species

There is also a flooded cavern section of Jameos del Agua which houses a species of blind Albino Crab (Mnidopsis polymorpha). This crab is also known as the Jameito. Though you will see these crabs everywhere in the cave, you are going to see them in abundance in the water. These crabs cannot be found anywhere else in the world which makes them a critically endangered species.

Important: Do not throw coins inside the lake as their corrosion would change the qualities of the water and the crabs would perish.

Research Station

You should also visit the Casa de Los Volcanes that is located on the site. It houses a scientific research station and interpretative center that is filled with a plethora of installation that concerns the geology and the volcanology of the islands. The research station is filled with Seismographs and other equipment that are needed by the monitoring station and you will see as they perform their tasks behind glass screens.


There is an auditorium that was constructed into a cave which is used for occasional classical concerts and film screenings. Most of the musical events take place in the open air close to the lagoon. You are going to get a full program that includes combined Dinner and Folk Music Events and also summertime Electronic Dance Music, etc. on their official website.

Jameos del Agua is one of the top places that you must visit when in Lanzarote and you should make a stop when you are in the Northern part of the island.