The tourist information about Lanzarote we wanted to have before traveling there.

Mirador del Río

Mirador del Río is a great viewpoint on Lanzarote. It is located on the Risco de Famara mountain. With its altitude of 475 meters, it provides a unique opportunity to view the Achipiélago Chinijo Nature Reserve with a small island La Graciosa.

Mirador del Río was designed by César Manrique with an intention of keeping it somewhat camouflaged from the outside. In the photo bellow, you can see the part of red and yellow tourist buses. The Mirador del Río is on the left. Not easily spotted, isn’t it?

Mirado del Río

Visiting Mirador del Río

When visiting Mirador del Río, you can park just in front of it next to the entrance. In case the parking is full, you can park a little bit further on a dirt parking place. Of all the places you can visit on Lanzarote, Mirador del Río is the one you should visit on a sunny day to enjoy the view.

Apart from visiting the Mirador del Río itself with the café and observation platform, you can also admire the panorama of La Graciosa for free. You can walk just a few meters down the road on the left and have a look from there. The photo bellow is actually from there (and not from the Mirador itself).

Mirador del Río - La Graciosa

In the bottom left of the photo you can see old salt-works Salinas del Río.