The tourist information about Lanzarote we wanted to have before traveling there.

Montaña Blanca Hike

Don’t confuse this with Hike to Caldera de Montaña Blanca (which is way more popular).

We discovered this hike just by coincidence. That day we planned to go the Caldera de Montaña Blanca. But after driving for a while we got to the road closure and we realized that there was some triathlon taking place and many roads were closed because of it. We looked in the map and saw that there was a nearby mountain with a path marked in the map. And because the cartographers of Lanzarote were not that resourceful, it was also called Montaña Blanca. Therefore, we felt it would be a good replacement for that day. (we went to real Caldera de Montaña Blanca few days after).

Here is a map of how we went there. I’ve marked some places with numbers — the description follows bellow. We parked in the Montaña Blanca village next to the school — marked as “Start” (it was Saturday, so we were the only car parking there).

I recommend you download Mapy​.cz app for offline maps of Lanzarote, so you can follow it when hiking.

Montaña Blanca Hike Map

The path to the mountain crosses the trans-Lanzarote marked tourist path and starts with a bit steeper climb in the first part. The views are already good in this part, but they will get better.

After a while you will arrive to flat area (marked in map as 2) where you can have a break and a snack before the final few hundred meters. First, you go on the inside of the flat area so you are protected from the wind, but then you will go around to the other side of the hill (marked in the map as 3) where it may be a little windier.

It is just a few more meters until reaching the summit (marked as 4). If it isn’t very cloudy, you can se the whole island from there.

Montaña Blanca panorama

Getting back

There may be a circular way from the summit, but we used the same path to get to the flat area (marked as 2). Then we turned right onto the road (direction to mark 6) and followed it until we got back to Montaña Blanca village. This road is an easy walk as it is probably used for driving an off-road car, when they do some maintenance to the communications tower on top of the mountain.


Climbing on this Montaña Blanca is a good idea if you happen to be in the area as it provides nice view on the whole island.

Views from Montaña Blanca